The Voice Lab

Teacher Training 

Professional Development for voice practitioners. 

A holistic three-level development training programme for those wanting to know more about working with the voice. Anyone can call themselves a voice teacher and simply start teaching. The Voice Lab Teacher Training covers all the need-to-know basics to maximise your teaching practice, ensure your clients are working toward their goals effectively and safely and provide a community of support to rely on.

This training is not only for private voice teachers, but choir directors, music teachers, Musical directors, acting coaches, Speech Language Pathologists , and medical professionals dealing with the performer's voice.

There are three levels of professional development available. 

  1. Vocal function, anatomy, acoustics, vocal health, basic diagnostics, genre history, studio management, professional services for voice users
  2. More in-depth diagnostic work, observation of 1:1 lessons, personal vocal work, troubleshooting, and lesson planning - occurs in the teachers' studio
  3. Direct observation of the participant within their own studio. Specific application of diagnostics and troubleshooting, advanced voice development planning.

Training is facilitated by Kelly Hocking with support from other members of the Voice Care Team. Direct presentations are made by our Speech Language Pathologist, Voice Physiotherapist and, when available, an opportunity to have an interactive session at the ENT's surgery. 

Please contact us for pricing and training dates.