The Voice Lab

Leading the way in technical development, vocal health and teacher training.

The Voice Lab nz is committed to elevating the standard of contemporary singing in New Zealand. Based in Dunedin, the teachers of The Voice Lab nz teach voice with an emphasis on technique, performance and enjoyment. The Voice Lab nz uses historical classical techniques that have been studied and verified as effective by contemporary voice science. The teachers are trained to diagnose vocal faults, guide vocal development and treat the functions of singing that are genre specific. 

Complimenting the artistic arm of the Voice Lab is our multidisciplinary Voice Care team whose main purpose is to restore and maintain vocal health for performers.  The Voice Care team caters primarily to professional "Vocal Athletes" being people who use their voice extensively and place highly detailed and specific demands on their voice similar to the way sports athletes place demands on our bodies. Clients of the Voice Care team come from all around New Zealand and include recording and touring artists and musical theatre performers.  

The Voice Lab also provides comprehensive training in voice science for singing and applied vocal pedagogy with three levels of Voice Teacher Training. 


New Zealand’s first Multidisciplinary Voice Performance Team is looking after New Zealand’s vocal athletes!

The Voice Lab nz is the first  Multidisciplinary Performance Voice Team in New Zealand. We work with elite professionals who have mastered their craft and are experts in their field.

Are you a singer and performer and want to be looked after by the best?

Are you experiencing vocal changes or difficulties and want to be cared for by a team that understands your needs as a singer?

Do you want to stay vocally fit & healthy and have a vocal injury prevention program developed just for you?

Do you want a vocal expert team that will go above and beyond to ensure you achieve vocal greatness and will come to you where you are rehearsing, performing, touring etc and work with you, your band, management and creative team?

Look no further than the Vocal Professionals at The Voice Lab NZ.

We focus on collaborative voice care to help injured singers and actors return to doing what they love, return to their job and Vocal Injury Prevention work to ensure singers and actors maintain and sustain a fit & healthy voice.

Dr Matthew Leaper, Otolaryngologist

Amy Oughton, Speech Pathologist, Clinical Voice Specialist

Kelly Hocking, The Voice Lab NZ, Specialist Vocal Coach

Ez Zulkifly, Voice Physiotherapist, A+ Physio