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Voice Care Team

Voice Care Team

Looking after New Zealand's professional vocal artists.


Adele, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, Sam Smith, Elton John, Whitney Houston, John Mayer, Celine Dion, Freddy Mercury, Frank Ocean, Luciano Pavarati, Rod Stewart. What do these people have in common? They are all world class vocal athletes who experienced a vocal injury and needed an expert vocal care team to help them recover and get back on stage. No one bats an eyelid when a sports athlete gets injured and is off the field for a bit - “it’s part of the job.” No doubt they will get physio and rehab and be back to it soon.  If a vocalist is performing at regular intervals - they will no doubt run into vocal injury at some stage - but who is there to support them?

The Voice Lab voice care team is a New Zealand first - and we are here to support our vocalists, of which New Zealand has a dizzying array. Our team has worked with many of New Zealand's leading vocal athletes (shhh we don't name names!) We provide a myriad of services including readying a vocalist for touring, preparing for studio recording, recovering from injury or illness (post Covid issues providing a lot of work in this area currently), injury prevention, genre specific demands, and general maintenance. In addition to professional performers we also support amateurs who have high vocal demands including musical theatre singers, regular gigging musicians, actors and teachers. If the voice load is high and specific - we are here to support our vocal athletes.

Just like a pit crew comes together, focussing on their individual specialities, to maximize the cars performance for those crucial last laps, The Voice Lab Professionals come together for the performer. By piecing together their individual findings and recommendations, a holistic, comprehensive & individualized vocal care plan is crafted. Care plans exist for a variety of needs e.g. vocal injury rehabilitation, vocal injury prevention, regular maintenance and check-ins (your voice WOF - warrant of fitness!). 

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Look no further than the Vocal Professionals at The Voice Lab NZ Clinic.

Dr Matthew Leaper, Otolaryngologist

Amy Oughton, Speech Pathologist, Clinical Voice Specialist,

Kelly Hocking, The Voice Lab NZ, Specialist Vocal Coach

Ez Zulkifly, Voice Physiotherapist, A+ Physio